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The amazing Race

How different would you have expected tugs to be. Thing around us here have been constantly changing or if I may “Improving”. The sterling competition that has given the newspapers the topics for this year seem to be carried forward to the next year.

Samsung’s statement to watch out for the CES’13, and the recent announcement by google on “project x”. Not to forget INTEL’S recent announcement on smartphones.

The race outlined aquisition of prominent apps to creating new one’s. Instagrams bought by Facebook, leaving Twitter’s bid of $500 million offer which came to light when Instgram restricted its utility features on Twitter, soon they had to come up with their own filters.

IPhone 5 much prone launch where the inhouse map failed, leading to changes in Apple’s headoffice. The climax to this fiasco came to and end when google launched the app.

The pattent race saw a few blows shared between the biggies, where Apple initially won the case against Samsung leaving them in dismay till Apple concluded a case against HTC giving way to Samsung to view the details of its settlement. Soon followed where Apple was condemned for picking up the notification app from Samsung as it agreed that theirs was not the best.

Instagrams announcement on rights which made headlines recently, along with facebook who recently are looking to launch a messanger service and a new scheme under review to pay for messages to be sent to anyone outside their circle.

The race has begun, and I am sure much to be unveil in 2013. Stay tuned for the exitement as it’s ready to unfold.


Rise of the Androids: Google’s Android@Home platform

It was 1996 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on a search engine program by the name “BackRub”. By 1998 this whole “backrub” concept was incorporated into a company by the name “GOOGLE”.

Little did Page and Brin know, what the future will look like? But I am sure they are happy. What started as a search engine is now of the biggest brand. The recent development with Android based smartphones might just be the beginning, as google get ready to mark their presence in every home with their new Android@Home platform.

What they plan to do? It Can be best described by the statement made by the company at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco recently,

We want every device in your home.

Google is now extending the capabilities of these device to wirelessly control and interact with virtually any electronic device in your home by using an Android smartphone or tablet. So in future you can switch of the lights, open the doors, manage room temperature, record your favorite programs and transfer your health scorecard from your exercise bike to your phone. To establish the platform’s credibility, they gave a small demonstration by wirelessly operating an electric bulb from an Android device.

To develop a single complete network for your home, Google has made the Android@Home platform freely available to developers so they can write applications that can control various devices. The platform can work on any Android device running on Honeycomb 3.1 or regular Android 2.3.4. OS.

Google also revealed that,

a future release of Android, code-named ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’, would unify the smart phone and tablet branches of Android into one single operating system that works across all devices

Ice Cream Sandwich will see a partnership between Google, the handset manufacturers and the carriers. This is to ensure that the users are able to get seamless service and timely updates.

Source: Metro / geeky-gadgets

To know more about Google Project for Android.

A whole new way to scratch with MOPHO DJ

Scratching was never pleasant until it became a public display of how well you scratch. Don’t quote me in an explicit way. What I mean by scratching is purely in terms of DJing i.e. able to create one’s own distinctive rhythm.

It all started with vinyl records, and they are almost on their way to oblivion with the rise of digital track commonly knows as MP3/4 records. Then we moved to the digital frontier with new DJ consoles, where the turn tables were able to use the MP3 records i.e. CD. What I learnt is that scratching is limited to circular motion and by using sensors we can easily retrieve the centripetal force and the velocity of the scratch which can be then manipulated to playback the audio. But things just didn’t stop there.

Nicholas Bryan, a graduate who researches music, computing and design at Stanford University, has developed an application that uses an iPod Touch or iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to detect a DJ’s scratching. With this DJs have found a whole new way to scratch, just by placing the device on top of the record to transform the analogue turntables into the digital variety with MOPHO DJ. Using specific software applications and a laptop you can pair the iPhone with the DJ console. Once this setting it done, you are ready to entertain.

As per Bryan,

This new system offers several advantages. Like, it can let the DJ use his old console with little or no modification. A plexiglass disc specially developed by him for this equipment can hold the iphone in place and also an old record thus allowing the turntable to be used for both analog and digital scratching. The system can also use the iPhone screen to display real-time wave form of the audio and apply effects to it.

MOPHO DJ will be reveled at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in Norway at the end of May. This new system will give a whole new dimension to DJing as DJs can forgo their turntables and use the phone for spot “air scratching”.

Bryan is also working on iPhone apps and DJ software which may be released in future.

Source: NewScientist
Img Source: Slashgear

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