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The amazing Race

How different would you have expected tugs to be. Thing around us here have been constantly changing or if I may “Improving”. The sterling competition that has given the newspapers the topics for this year seem to be carried forward to the next year.

Samsung’s statement to watch out for the CES’13, and the recent announcement by google on “project x”. Not to forget INTEL’S recent announcement on smartphones.

The race outlined aquisition of prominent apps to creating new one’s. Instagrams bought by Facebook, leaving Twitter’s bid of $500 million offer which came to light when Instgram restricted its utility features on Twitter, soon they had to come up with their own filters.

IPhone 5 much prone launch where the inhouse map failed, leading to changes in Apple’s headoffice. The climax to this fiasco came to and end when google launched the app.

The pattent race saw a few blows shared between the biggies, where Apple initially won the case against Samsung leaving them in dismay till Apple concluded a case against HTC giving way to Samsung to view the details of its settlement. Soon followed where Apple was condemned for picking up the notification app from Samsung as it agreed that theirs was not the best.

Instagrams announcement on rights which made headlines recently, along with facebook who recently are looking to launch a messanger service and a new scheme under review to pay for messages to be sent to anyone outside their circle.

The race has begun, and I am sure much to be unveil in 2013. Stay tuned for the exitement as it’s ready to unfold.

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