The Reader: A Smart mouse

1968 was when Douglas C. Engelbart presented the world the very first computer mouse. A small wooden box with a wheel and a button, with time wood was replaced and so was the wheel.

Technology has given it a new shape, size and versatility. However as we all know with time even good things come to end. And as touch screen slowly replaces the mouse and they on the verge of being archived. But that won’t happen anytime soon.

Few former students of ETH Zurich have developed a function for the new mouse to go unnoticed. A software program that enable this mouse developed by Dacuda to do a bit of reading by scanning the screen as you move it around. So the user can capture text and images. A program that uses the highlighted mark to be adopted can be initiated by the touch a button. This is because of some complex algorithms in robotics that is used to build this software.

What makes it more unique and wanted is its capability to understand 198 languages and its compatibility with the three major OS i.e. Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux.

This genius will be distributed by the Korean hardware manufacturing giant, LG Electronics. Priced at 99 € the mouse shall see its first summer this year.

This application has opened a portal where its usage and competitors may find alternative or better ways of using it. But for now as we have a smart mouse, let’s make the most of it.

Via: Sueddeutsche


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