Gold & Co’s 24 karat Gold iPad 2

Gold and Middle East seems to have a lot in common. It’s not unlikely to find gold in the most uncommon of forms in this rich region. First it was a gold car, gold phone and now its gold iPad 2.

The London based firm Gold & Co. has recently unveiled a 24-Karat gold-plated iPad2 in Dubai. If you think what they are up to then just to remind you they also did the same with iPad, iPod and iPhone.

This advanced and gilded piece of technology is priced at $5,500 i.e. 20,000 AED. With its launch at the Dubai Women’s Exhibition in Jumeirah they already have a few orders already in place.

May be this is just the beginning before the order starts building up. But Gold & Co. is confident that they will find potential buyers as they did in past.

So if you want to cash this opportunity make sure you got a big pocket to dig in.

Via: mademansion


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