Augmented Reality at it’s best

For those who have missed my first blog on AR (augmented reality) click here. Now for those who have read it, as you get to know the future of reality browsing here is a list of few more amazing AR gadgets that will just change the way we do things in our daily life.

Just like Junaio, but a bit older is the first AR browser is the Wikitude World Browser launched in 2008 with the very first android device.
For this to function, all it needs is a camera, a GPS, an accelerator and a compass (almost available on all medium to high-end handheld). With its search capability based on location-based Wikipedia and Qype content, it uses your device’s camera and sensor to scan your environment and provide you the search results on the screen of your device. It’s currently in its 6th version for both Android and Iphone.

Next is the Layar Reality Browser, which show you the real world data on the screen as it captures the images through the device camera. Layar 5.0 can be used on Android, Iphone and OVI Nokia. Mixare is a free open source AR browser, similar to Layar is a complete autonomous application both for users and developers. Can be used on Android and Iphone.

Now for socialites, who never regret to spend all their day on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. AR gives you Tagwhat. The first social augmented reality and a free network where its users can create-and-share location-based messages and content on-line or in mobile augmented reality with your own personalized global canvas. Available for Android and Iphone.

For people who love astronomy, Star Chart and Google Sky Map, two of the best AR based apps you need to have apart from your telescope.
Both these apps uses state of the art GPS and an accurate 3D Universe. It locates and gives you information about the star that is captured through the device camera. Also helps you locate your favorite stars using the compass and the alignment of stars are actually calculated on a real time basis to give you the exact location. Can be used on any Android based platform and Iphone.

The last two apps to list here are Wikitude Drive and Phantom Alert.

Wikitude Drive is the first functional AR Navigation system. It boost on two critical features, the first being its capability to overlay a route on to your live video screen and suggest you the routes. The second feature is that, you don’t have to take your eyes of the road. I’m sure it will making driving a whole new experience. But the world has to wait, as it is only available in Austria, Germany and Switzerland currently.

The second navigation AR apps is the Phantom Alert, which has takes feeds from the world largest and the best drivers database about traffic light, speed traps, traffic cameras and others. Using GPS with the traffic camera view its gives you the results. Currently supported for most of the cities across the US and in Canada, Ottawa/Toronto and Vancouver.

As the world around us changes, how we live in them also changes simultaneously. Augmented Reality is still new though its initial research goes back to 1994. As we speak now someone somewhere will be working on the next AR so stay tuned and look for it.


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My world around me, what I see and what we all see, is always from a different perspective. The more we share the more we know. The more we commit in doing it the more we learn. "We can't so well learn from others mistakes, so make a few of your own"

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