It’s iPAD2 from Apple Inc.

Ipad2 is now in the store and it’s not a breaking news. But what has it done to you or will do to you?

Ipad users are already sneaking around potential buyers to sell their old ones and save up for the new Ipad2. Ebay and local selling sites are now flooded with used Ipad at sale at reasonable rate. But why are we looking for an upgrade.

The price is marginally higher compared to its earlier version, it was just a dream come true for its potential users. When the first Ipad was released it was a sign of innovation getting it done. But is it the same this time around with the Ipad2.

Design: Its sleek and thinner, so ergonomically its better than the earlier model.
Battery life: This is also improved, so another plus
The 2 best things that come along with this version are scratch resistant screen and face chat.

Features :

1GHz Dual-Core Apple A5
9.7-inch LED back-lit widescreen display with IPS technology
Dual cameras
Up to 10 hours battery life
AirPlay support built-in for wireless streaming to AppleTV
1080p HD output via optional HDMI capable connector
16/32/64 GB Internal storage options
Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G model options
Color: White/Black

But where is the innovation, apart from its upgrade to IOS4.3 is there anything, few things that users have been looking forward to: a marginal performance boost and a flash and that still seems missing.

In terms of competition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has cut its prices, Moto Xoom, HP Touchpad, Blackberry Playbook, LG Optimus pad which will be around soon. It will be good for consumers to choose from a wide variety of options. Especially with blackberry, whose features are better especially the performance boost that its provides with it’s on screen and browsing capability, its sure to delight the existing Blackberry users which provides options to sync their phones with the tablet.

The only drawback that I could see is that Ipad 2 is compatible with 3G network, when compared to Xoom / Playbook which are boosting its 3G and 4G capability.

However with the launch of new Apps and custom apps that are available to the users, companies have started to reduce the apps price some by 50%, for it to be more popular among the Ipad 2 users.

So there might be a few more additions and new that will come along with time.

Till then stay tunned…


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